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About us

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What is the Robert Henryson Society for?

Since its foundation by George Philp and other Henryson-admirers in 1993, the Society has worked to ensure that the works of this great poet are recognised and read, particularly in his home city, the Royal Burgh of Dunfermline, and more widely.

Who was Robert Henryson?

Robert Henryson lived in Dunfermline in the latter part of the fifteenth century. He is now generally regarded as one of the finest poets - perhaps the finest poet - Scotland has ever produced. Even five hundred years after his poems were written, they retain a freshness and individuality which gives them an enduring appeal. His masterpiece, the powerful Testament of Cresseid, has been called the most original poem written by a Scot; but it is his cycle of thirteen verse-fables which perhaps best conveys his warm humanity. These animal stories are adapted from Aesop and from the European beast- fable tradition, but Henryson greatly expands the brief originals, bringing them vividly to life in a Scottish context and giving them a strong contemporary relevance.

What does the Robert Henryson Society do?

While Robert Henryson's distinguished place among Scottish writers has in recent years been increasingly recognised within the academic world, the Robert Henryson Society seeks to encourage a wider appreciation of his work among the public at large and especially among local school teachers. We organise conferences with contributions from scholars who have specialist knowledge and interests in the literature, language and history of Henryson's time, and we are proposing to offer a study group on a quarterly basis, looking at Henryson's poems and work by contemporary Fife poets and writers.

What are our plans?

We hope that this new online presence will attract new readers to the site, and will enhance local knowledge and appreciation of the poet and his works.

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