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Robert Henryson Society AGM 2012

Reports of 2012 AGM

Annual General Meeting 2012

A total of 13 members attended the Robert Henryson Society AGM held on Sunday 30 September in the Music Institute, Dunfermline immediately after the RHS Conference.

Present: Morna Fleming (secretary), Tom Scott (treasurer), Lillian Cameron, Colin Donati, Lucy Hinnie (committee members), Jean Barclay, Sabina Black, Andrew Greig, Tom Hubbard, Bill Runciman, Eileen Runciman, Clive Willcocks, Yvonne Willcocks.

Apologies: Margaret Tollick

Morna welcomed those attending and explained that this would not be the usual kind of AGM, as there were basically two questions to be answered: 1) was the Society to continue after a year of virtually no activity, and if so in what form, and 2) was there anyone prepared to take on the role of treasurer, once Tom Scott stood down.

In the event, the second question was answered first, as after Tom had presented the statement of accounts, examined and approved by Bill Runciman, showing a healthy bank balance of £2572.49, Lucy Hinnie indicated that she would be willing to take on the role of treasurer, as she had done this previously. Adoption of the accounts was proposed by Sabina Black and seconded by Morna Fleming, and Tom was thanked for his long service to the Society. Lucy  was then proposed as treasurer by Morna Fleming and seconded by Bill Runciman. Tom stated he was willing to stay on as interim treasurer until the new account is set up.

Discussion then moved to the future life of the Society. There were a number of suggestions made, including involvement in a Scottish Government scheme for putting plaques on buildings associated with historic and cultural figures (CD).  Morna explained that this is already in hand for Dunfermline, where a small group is looking at adding to the existing blue town plaques to reflect additional interests. A plaque trail for Henryson's animals was suggested, which could be put to the heritage guides. Bill will look into this.

Jean proposed that the small group present at the AGM could meet regularly, while Lillian suggested a regular neeting to discuss Henryson's poems - rather like a book group. It was suggested that the new Archives building in Chalmers Street could be a suitable venue for such meetings. Tom suggested a link with the WEA.

Links with other local organisations and groups would be very useful in attracting larger audiences and involvement. The Historical Society would be an obvious case, along with Dunfermline Heritage Trust, Abbot House, Dunfermline Heritage Community Projects, Heritage Guides, Fife Book Fest, Visit Dunfermline.

Colin stated that he was very happy to get involved in whatever way would be most helpful o the development of the Society. Lucy will take on the online presence on Facebook and Twitter by setting up new sites with a more generic email address that people could use for contact.

Once again, this meeting showed that there is a good deal of life left in the Society, although it will have to evolve. The suggestions made at this meeting will feed into a revised constitution to reflect the changed format of the Society, its membership and its future mode of operation. Watch this space!

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