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Links to external sites

Websites which are helpful to Henryson friends and scholars

Robert Henryson Homepage
The original Henryson website hosted by Glasgow University, which has a wealth of information and materials on the poet and his works.

University of Rochester library
Complete text of the poems with additional commentary. A fantastic resource which has full glossary alongside the poem, and a separate commentary pane at the foot of the page, which means that all meanings can be derived at once.

Britain in Print
This site contains the full text of the 'Testament of Cresseid', plus an audio file of the poem read by Colin Donati and Morna Fleming. There are worksheets and teaching notes for teachers to use with senior students.

Scholars have been working on this page for some time, and most of the information is pretty reliable.

Association for Scottish Literary Studies
Founded in 1970, the Association for Scottish Literary Studies is an educational charity that aims to promote the study, teaching and writing of Scottish literature, and to further the study of the languages of Scotland.

Dunfermline Heritage Community Projects
The key aim of DHCP is to promote interest and understanding of Dunfermline's history, heritage and archaeology by the following means:
> Publishing researched material, generally related to the history, heritage and archaeology of Dunfermline.
> Creating, maintaining and developing a website to act as a reference source for the people of Dunfermline as well as people from outwith the burgh who are interested in, or wish to further their knowledge of the burgh.
> Maintaining a team of member volunteers to research and produce new material related to Dunfermline's history and heritage.
> Creating, maintaining and expanding an archive of material related to Dunfermline's history, heritage and archaeology.
> Liaising with other similar groups and organisations in the Dunfermline area to encourage awareness of Dunfermline's history, heritage and archaeology.

Sir David Lyndsay Society
The University of Edinburgh's site for scholars and those interested in the works of Sir David Lyndsay, a great admirer of Henryson's poetry

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