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What is the Robert Henryson Society?

The Robert Henryson Society was formed in Dunfermline on 5 November 1993. It exists for anyone interested in the poetry and the life of one of Scotland's greatest poets.

The sole current office-bearers for are Morna Fleming (secretary) and Lucy Hinnie (treasurer), but we welcome anyone who has ideas or suggestions for how the Society could develop.

In 2014, it was proposed to the membership that the Society should enter into a relationship with Dunfermline Heritage Community Projects, under which aegis the Society would remain as a discrete entity, but would have a more solid footing as part of the cultural heart of Dunfermline. As DHCP has a well-established publication history, the Society expects to benefit from the opportunity to produce new versions of Henryson's poems and general studies of the poet and his times addressed to a generalist audience. This has indeed proved to be the case with the publication of Barbara Rasmusen's translations of Henryson's Shorter Poems.

Article on Henryson

Morna Fleming's analysis of Seamus Heaney's translation of the Testament of Cresseid from 8-Dec-2017  to 8-Sep-2015 

In Quaich: An Anthology of Translation in Scotland Today, Morna Fleming has an article analysing and commenting on Seamus Heaney's modern English version of The Testament of Cresseid. The book can be found at

Book Launch

Henryson's Shorter Poems, in Middle English with facing English translations, now on sale from 16-Dec-2017  to 16-May-2016 

This new publication, by Dunfermline Heritage Community Projects, of Henryson's Shorter Poems with an English verse translation by Kirkcaldy writer and poet Barbara Rasmusen was launched at the Dunfermline Book Fair on Saturday 21 May at 2 pm in the Music Institute Annexe. Copies of the book are now available through DHCP's website,

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Undiscovered Dunfermline

A day-long conference exploring a number of neglected, forgotten and unknown aspects of Dunfermline's heritage. from 22-Oct-2017  to 22-Sep-2017 

The conference, on Saturday 14 October, will take place in Dunfermline Carnegie Library and Galleries, and will feature international speaker Angus Hay on the Earls of Dunfermline, author Robert Brightwell on Admiral Thomas Cochrane and the Dunfermline-born John Norton, who fought in the Peninsular War in Canada, and Alison Bacon on the photographer David Octavius Hill. henryson will also feature alongside fellow Dunfermline poet Robert Gilfillan in a talk by Morna Fleming. Tickets from Dunfermline carnegie Library and from Dunfermline Heritage Community Projects at

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Abbot House Murals to reappear

Virginia Colley is currently restoring the wonderful murals from the Abbot House Presence Room so that they can be put on display from 22-Dec-2017  to 22-Sep-2017 

Virginia Colley, the original artist of the murals, has rescued the canvases from storage, and is currently working on their restoration.

Thanks to Dunfermline Heritage Trust, who gifted part of their wind-up funds to the Robert Henryson Society, we are able to support Virginia in her work by funding the purchase of essential materials.

We hope to be able to put the murals back on display either in their original setting of Abbot House, or in another appropriate location, prior to taking them on a Scottish tour to allow many more people to see them and to learn more about one of the greatest poets of the medieval period.

Contact Morna Fleming

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Joining the Robert Henryson Society

We would very much like to hear from anyone who would be interested in joining us, particularly anyone who has an idea that could be developed.

Please use the 'Contact' page to get in touch with the secretary, or post a message on our Facebook or Twitter page.


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